Meal Replacements Diet: What You Need to Know

Choosing to follow a healthy diet is always a good choice when your goal is to lose weight. However, preparing three healthy and nutritionally adequate meals every day can be time-consuming, especially if you have a full-time job, a family to look after, or if you’re simply always on the go. In this day and age weight loss is even more difficult considering the fact that we’re constantly surrounded by processed and unhealthy foods everywhere we go, and this is where meal replacement shakes can be extremely helpful.

Benefits of a Meal Replacement Diet

Meal replacements are the perfect solution to help with weight loss, since losing weight is more often than not easier said than done. These low-calorie, yet nutritionally balanced products that come in the form of powders, shakes, bars, soups, and so on, help to keep your weight in check while offering plenty of other benefits as well, the following three being on top of the list.

You’ll Get Healthier

High-quality meal replacements made from real-food ingredients that include all essential nutrients will provide you with a fully nutritious meal every time, just like Ambronite. This is especially beneficial if you’re an unhealthy eater or if you don’t include diverse fruits and vegetables in your usual meals. Meal replacements will show you how different nutrients can not only help you with weight loss, but also make you feel better overall during the process. By doing this, these products will inspire you to continue following a healthy diet even if you decide not to use them anymore one day.

You’ll Save Time

Replacing one or two meals with a meal replacement shake can save you valuable time which you can use on other productive things instead of preparing three low-calorie and healthy meals each day. Does sleeping an extra 30 minutes in the morning sound productive enough? In our opinion, it does, so instead of spending ten minutes preparing breakfast and even more time eating it, you’ll only need two mere minutes with meal replacement products to do both of these things.

Lunch and dinner preparation requires even more time, so meal replacements can come in handy if you feel like you’re short on time every day. They’re also extremely convenient, so even if you don’t have an extra minute to drink it at home, you can always carry it with you on the subway or at the office and have it there.

You Won’t Starve

High-quality meal replacement shakes are designed to have the right ingredients that will keep your belly full for at least 3 to 4 hours so you don’t feel hungry a short while after drinking it. Ambronite, for example, has a decent amount of healthy fats and fibers, ingredients that keep you fuller, longer, so that you are not tempted to reach for that chocolate bar at the supermarket while waiting at the cash register.

Meal Replacements are Effective

Ever since meal replacements started to gain popularity in the weight-loss world, a multitude of studies and research have been conducted which explore the efficacy and safety of this diet. Since there are truly a vast number of studies which concern this topic, let’s go over two scientific analysis of a total of 51 different studies and show you how a meal replacement diet can not only help you lose those pounds, but make you healthier as well.

Research conducted by S. B. Heymsfield et al. in 2002 aimed to review and analyze 6 different studies regarding the safety and efficiency of a meal replacement diet, the goal being to lose weight. In all of these studies, two groups of people were randomly assigned two types of diet plans, the first one to follow a conventional reduced calorie diet (RCD), while the second one was to follow a partial meal replacement diet (PMR) where one or two food-based meals were replaced daily. The duration of all 6 studies was 3 months with the subjects being 18 years or older. Both groups in all 6 studies lost weight, the difference being that the group who used meal replacements lost significantly more weight than the RCD group. Both groups, however, experienced health improvements and lowered the risk for certain diseases associated with excess weight.

An even bigger research conducted by Ching Li Lee and Winnie SS Chee in 2016 aimed to review up to 45 clinical trials concerning meal replacements and weight loss. Subjects who used meal replacement shakes in all 45 studies experienced a great weight-loss success and improved health while also experiencing cardio-metabolic risk reductions. One of this research’s conclusions was that consistency is extremely important in achieving these goals, so make sure to be consistent with this diet once you embark on the meal replacements ship.

Tips for Creating an Effective Meal Replacements Diet

Depending on how much and how fast you wish to lose those pounds, you can choose to replace either one or two meals a day with a meal replacement shake. Breakfast and dinner are the most recommended meals to be substituted with a shake, but this is not a mandatory rule. If lunch, for example, is the one meal where you lack self-control and usually overeat or eat junk food, this can be the meal you replace with a meal replacement shake. Nobody knows your eating habits better than you, so replace those meals unhealthy meals as you see fit (no pun intended.)

Don’t Skip on Breakfast

If you think that skipping on breakfast, then having lunch, and finally substituting dinner with a meal replacement in the evening can lead you toward greater weight-loss, you’re in for a surprise. Breakfast is not accidentally the most important meal of the day, and having breakfast each day actually contributes to your weight loss diet. By giving your metabolism a jump start every morning you will burn more calories throughout the day, so if breakfast is one of those meals you usually avoid, simply replace it with a meal replacement shake and help your metabolism burn those calories with more ease later on in the day.

Be Consistent

As we previously-mentioned, consistency is key if you want to have a successful meal replacements diet. Replacing one or two meals with a meal replacement shake should be a daily occurrence, so if you’re serious about losing those pounds, adherence is extremely important. We recommend that you have a shaker so you can carry it with you at all times and have your meal replacement shake even if you’re not at home. Convenience is one of the many meal replacements’ perks, and Ambronite offers just that!

By ordering Ambronite, you can easily add a shaker to your purchase so you can carry your drinkable meals everywhere you go. Moreover, Ambronite can also be purchased in small snack packs, so you can easily store them in your purse and have them wherever you are.

Choose the Right Meal Replacement Product

As meal replacement products’ popularity continues to skyrocket day after day, there are plenty of meal replacements on the market. Some are considered supplements as they don’t all include essential nutrients, while others offer essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and can serve as a perfect replacement for a fully nutritious meal.

Moreover, some meal replacements are made from synthetic ingredients like artificial vitamins, which do not provide the body with the same advantages as natural vitamins do, while also having other disadvantages like low amount of proteins, too much sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, and more. On the other hand, high-quality meal replacements which are made from real-food ingredients are considered to be the healthiest products of this kind, as they don’t have processed ingredients, but rather natural foods blended into powder.

In order to paint a picture of what a high-quality meal replacement product should look like, let’s take Ambronite as an example, since this product ticks all the boxes of what a perfect meal replacement product should include.

As we already mentioned, Ambronite is made from real-food ingredients, most of which are organic, which cover all nutritional needs that the human body needs in order to be healthy and performing at its best. One full meal of Ambronite contains 400 calories, which is the perfect amount if you’re on a weight loss diet regardless if you choose to replace one or two meals a day.

One meal (95 g) of this Complete Meal Shake contains:  

       -            24 grams of proteins from high grade oat protein, as well as oats, almonds, and coconut

       -            40 grams of carbohydrates

       -            15 grams of healthy fats

       -            Food-based vitamins including A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, B7, B5

       -            Food-based 14 essential minerals

       -            8g of dietary fiber

All in all, you should look for a meal replacement product that includes:

       -            Essential nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals

       -            Real, food-based ingredients

       -            Non-GMO ingredients

       -            300 – 500 calories per meal

       -            Enough fiber and protein so you are full for longer

So, if you’ve decided to follow a meal replacement diet in order to lose some weight and improve your health, Ambronite would be the perfect product for you.

Furthermore, Ambronite is vegan, soy-free, easy to prepare, and is shipped all over the world. If you’re ready to shed those pounds, order your share of Ambronite today